Closely-Guarded Secret to Manifest Your Own Destiny

Human nature is so dynamic that one can actually create their own destiny because of the reality that life is indeed in a constant change.  The key to making or creating your own destiny is to know exactly where you want to go and learning the steps as you go along the way.  Life is always about developing and responding to new things and you alone has the power to create your own story and the direction you want to pursue. This is called a choice and you opt to change your destiny by choice.

The Formula

In order to create your own destiny, you must know the elements involved such as; knowing yourself, what you want to be, the status of reaching that destiny, and what adjustments need to be done.

  • Knowing yourself. It is important that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  For example, why aspire to become a successful person via the businessman route when you have artistic talents or you excel in sports? You must have known by now how Madonna became the richest female singer of all time or how sports legends like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal became wealthy people.
  • Know the status. You must determine how far or near you are in reaching that dream.  People failed to create their own destiny because they do not have any idea how close they are in making that destiny a reality.
  • Know the adjustments. You cannot create your own destiny if you do not know how.  Obviously, you need tips, guidelines, mentoring or coaching, and even self-study just to know how to fulfil your desired destiny.  Fortunately for you, there are already several books and articles discussing and sharing real life experiences when it comes to mastering your own destiny. It is up to you to take action.
Other Factors in Making Your Own Destiny

It is not all about yourself. You must also take note of these factors in order to make your destiny come true:

  • Stay healthy and active. Reaching your desired destiny won’t happen if you are frequently sick.
  • Be friends with like minded people. When you share the same passion, you end up lifting each other instead of pulling one down to earth.
  • Be realistic. Create your own destiny based on current realities and limitations.  For example, do not aspire something which cannot be achievable, you will be just wasting your time.
  • Strive for excellence not on mediocrity. Always create something meaningful and different and not something that is easy to duplicate.  For example, those who are very reactive let other people, situations, technology, and environment rule their destiny. You should be the exact opposite.
Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny

“There are lots of great you!”

-Bill Burnett

If you want to know more on how to manifest your own destiny and design your life, this New York Bestselling book from Bill Burnett called “Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life” is an awesome book to create human being meaningful and fulfilling life. The benefits of reading this book include enriching yourself with strategies to ignite focus and passion, formula to create your desired destiny, concepts on taking control of your life, breaking bad habits and implementing winning patterns, and much more.  With that, you gain more weapons to make your destiny become a reality.

Here’s Bill Burnett sharing at TEDx Talks. He shared the 5 Ideas Design Thinking and its framework how to design your life and get your life unstuck and transformed:



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