6 Simple Ways How to Get Rid of Laziness and Procrastination

Getting things done is not very easy to some people. This is because the habit of being lazy and procrastinating intrudes in life and makes it difficult for to perform important tasks during the day. Fortunately, this malady can be controlled and prevented from being chronic.

Here are very 6 simple ways on how to overcome laziness and procrastination:
1. Organize first.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked life changing habits is organizing. Too much clutter on your desk wastes so much time looking for things buried in a pile of files. A clean work area will make it easy for you to find things you need from time to time and helps achieve peace of mind that you need when working on very important tasks.

2. Plan ahead.

Some people got it wrong to plan when they are already in front of their office desk. Planning should be done very much ahead of time so you will not be cramming with ideas and jotting down activities which are not only irrelevant but are unimportant.  For example, before going to bed, prepare a check list of the most important things you should accomplish the following day. You will have more time to think and will only need to review your plan and see if you need to include or remove something.

3. Implement your list immediately.

Start from top to bottom as the longer you delay, the more chances that your list is not completed.

4. Make it a habit.

By making it so, you will find it easy and less taxing to plan, implement, and get things done.  It will become a routine and instinctive.  For example, you do not need a reminder to brush your teeth every morning before going to the office right?

5. Indulge a free time.

When you plan and schedule all your activities, do not forget to include free time where you can indulge your guilty pleasure and help yourself relax.  For example, always make your lunch time free of any work and schedule where to spend it like bringing your own lunch and eating at the rooftop or having a picnic at a park nearby.  This will help you weigh down things and regroup should there be a need to do so.

6. Have someone else do it.

If you find that the task is unpleasant at the moment, why not ask some office friends to help you? Remember, asking for help is also part of team work.

Paving Your Way to the Top

If you want more reasons why you need to make it a habit to overcome laziness and procrastination, here’s the bestselling book, 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Overcome Your Procrastination by bestseller author, Steve Scott you can read. From this book, you can discover how to develop anti-procrastination mindset and help you conquer those lazy feelings. Countless readers have professed about a huge improvement on their personal development after reading this book. Read this book now and get your life transformed.

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