Amazon Customer Centric Strategy: Why There Is An Empty Chair In Every Meeting in Amazon?

Amazon has a good habit, there is an empty reserved seat every meeting in Amazon created by CEO, Jeff Bezos. This reserved empty chair represents the most important person in the room – the customer. Every time making any decision, they start from the angle of customer views first. Here are 3 customer centered questions from the customer’s point of view to create bestselling products:

1.) What is keeping this customer awake every night?

2.) What will this customer this about this product?

3.) How will this product dramatically improve his life?

Amazon is so successful because they understand people don’t buy and people feel understand than you. Here’re some tips to sell more your products:

#1.) Talk less about your product and ask more about customer

#2.) While customers are talking, please quiet and listening it from your customer

#3.) Getting into your customer’s heads rather than getting into your head so that you can give them some advice.

The Amazon Strategy to Help You Beat Your Competition.

Amazon has been lighting up the headlines of many media platforms recently – and for good reasons. I believe this is one company that truly understands how to sell in this new world. Watch this video to find out their success formula. #ericfeng #ericfenginaction #amazonstrategy

Posted by Eric Feng on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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