4 BIG TAKEAWAYS from Jack Neo Speech in Singapore

Jack Neo (梁智强), who is well known film director, actor, host in Singapore. He had been well known comedic roles as Liang Po Po and Liang Xi Mei on the comedy show, film, and television. He continued to take his drama directorial role and became first well known filmmaker in Singapore because he created his first film called “Money Not Enough”. At that time, this film was very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Today, he made a speech in Singapore and audiences were blissful to listen his speech. Here are 4 BIG TAKEAWAYS from Jack Neo, Film Director in Singapore:

#1. If you start doing what you love to do and believe in what you love to do, please take 100% commitment and continue to do it and make it best.

#2. If your attitude is correct, you will get some help from any people in anywhere. If your friends’ attitude is not good, nothing to talk each other already.

#3. The opportunities does’t not come often. If opportunities is coming, please grab it.

#4. In life, if you ask for money or don’t grab opportunities, nobody won’t give you a chance. Let people take advantage it first from people. When helping to do something, please don’t ask for return first. “How much I can contribute to you” rather than to ask “How much salary I can get”.

Here’re total 4 big takeaways from Jack Neo speech in Singapore

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